Dance the game of chance enhance this happenstance because at first glance no romance is a cash advance so take a chance on this freelance hypnotic trance - love Sundance I am a hard worker and very career driven. I'm extremely passionate about my life, career, friends & family. I dance, rock climb and practice Acro-Yoga for my own health and wellness. I eat a fresh clean diet and take beautiful care of my body. I am an all natural, elegant, sweet and one of a kind woman. My personality is infections. I have a sacred ear and am a great communicator. I'm blessed with my blue eyes, petite fit frame. I am seeking heart connections with respectful, conscious, & playful people who are open to the idea of mentoring, trips/vacations, regular dating. I love the art of film-making and photography. As an artist I draw and paint on virtually anything. I am practicing improv, voice over and dance. I'm a nature girl who loves the outdoors. I like being in or on the water. I'm an overall adventure seeker and traveling enthusiast! I'm a quick message away- I look forward to meeting you soon! Mahalo

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