Don’t message me if your not going to talk...I am beautiful and if all you want is naked pictures and or one night stand, then move along. If your gonna ask to see my pictures wright off without starting up a convo first your not getting my key! i am not for you! A man who knows what he wants, has a great sense humor and hates to be bored. If your looking to meet wright off, to me your out for one thing. I am not a one night thing!. I am more much much more. I am not here to stroke your ego no nudes again, I will say when I want them off the bat! BIG thing if I am not your type please grow a pair and just say it, out of respect instead of ignoring me or ghosting me Not cool! Remember how you talk to me is everything because that’s also the deciding factor if your mouth ends up between my legs nice! :-)~ Respect!

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